Sunday, January 14, 2007

Wii Mii Editor

Well thanks to some other bloggers namly BiffTDB and MikeDX the Mii data format is unlocked. As a result I've been working on a VB program that will allow you to view all that data and then change certain parts and save it back in a .mii format and transfer it back onto your Wii. This will be useful to turn on mingle, and change the mac address but you can also change other data if you want. I will try and keep this blog updated as I continue. As of right now the WiiMiiEditor can be found here -\WiiMiiEditor\index.htm This should be the location of the file regardless of the revison, once a new version is updated I will update the file and update this page with changes that have been made.

Current posted version is 1.0.6
- Mii files can be opened and viewed
- Name and Creator boxes are populated when file is loaded.
- Height and weight values can be viewed and slide bars change values once file is loaded.
- The top two boxes show the all the Mii data in hex and decimal format, this is just for visual at the moment and won't be in the final version unless people want it.
- Mingle box is there but cannot be used
- "Save As" is there but cannot be saved.
- Close button works.

As of right now it isn't very useful but that will change as I make progress. So far I have only been working on it for about 5 hours. It should be all downhill now that I have all the vaules loaded into memory as an array. I am open for comments, or any errors that people get when opening a mii file.\WiiMiiEditor\index.htm

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